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The Golden Textile company, located in Bruxelles, Belgium, is an international manufacturer of Luxury Textiles. The local enterprises combine traditions and new technologies, which together give birth to top quality products highly in demand on the global market.

The Golden Textile company is a leader of this industry, mainly focusing on the export of such local products to other countries all over Europe. Additionally, since machine building is developed in some regions of Belgium, the company also supplies special fabrics for these factories. For four years they gathered the greatest professionals and manufacturers across the country, allowing them to work with large export volumes and to provide their clients with any textile product, from cutting-edge synthetic materials to natural fibers.

The advanced B2B nature of the Golden Textile company is particularly dedicated to 
micro-management capitalizing on large and small companies alike, regardless of size, through an ingenious joint-order linking between the two, and as a result, everyone wins, the customers receive their quality canvas at affordable prices for them, while the plants can produce an acceptable amount of the product for it.

Thanks to this methodology, the Golden Textile company has been maximizing its profits and dominating its niche market for years.


However, in 2019 and 2020, their competitors started getting an edge through their branding, advertising and marketing efforts.

In response, the Golden Textile company has started an Aggressive Growth Campaign and has hired me to Solve & Fix their Physical and Digital Branding problems, designing from scratch a new Luxury Corporate Identity, helping them not only close the gab with their competitors, but also,
most importantly, drastically surpass them.

This project has been an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS, the Golden Textile company has surpassed its competitors in all branding areas and is going strong despite the pandemic, increasing its export volumes and its client base year by year.



Commissioned to Solve & Fix Designing Problems and Lead rebranding works for the new Luxury Corporate Identity of the Golden Textile company, providing Visual Global Marketing Strategies and Creative Directions to help the company surpass its main competitors.



Lead a team of Luxury Designers in partnership with the Lucca Luis company.
Consistently managed all aspects of the Psychological Research & Designing Process for
a massive rebranding project, as a Luxury Advertising Designer & Provider of Visual Global Marketing & Advertising Strategies, exceeding all expectations, creating works of
cutting-edge design quality of ultra-modern style for the Luxury Corporate Brand Identity
of the Golden Textile company, mutually and organically enforced by a research on
Psychological Association through Subconscious Stimulation by Positive Application and
Activation of the Genetically Transmitted Impulses and Reactions to Ancient Symbolism
converted and applied to Modern Luxury Design.

As a result, the Golden Textile company has drastically surpassed its competitors in all branding areas I've been hired to fix; its Aggressive Growth Campaign has been a success and the company is still going strong despite the pandemic, and it's currently dominating its market.




- Luxury Corporate Brand Identity (Digital & Print Designs)
- Marketing and Advertising Research & Consulting 
(UX - Research on Psychological Association through Subconscious Stimulation)
- Logo Designs
- Business Card
- Badge
- A4 Envelope
- A4 Folder
- A3 Folder
- Company Document Design (Contract & Commercial Offer)
- Mug
- Pen
- Notebook
- Cap
- T-Shirt (Polo)
- Fabric Bag
- Flag
- Presentation Design structured in 10 Pages
- Sticker for passenger car
- Sticker for large sized car 
- Office sign
- Other sign (outdoor)